What makes us unique 

Since 1988 we have provided technical support for all kinds of projects, from the simple to the most ambitious: reality TV shows, sports events, news programmes, documentaries and much more!


We’ve been working in the broadcast industry for almost 30 years, international sports events, important live events, reality TV show productions and talent shows are what we do. New projects and new challenges don’t scare us.


We personalize and offer our clients technical solutions to meet specific needs. Each and every project is managed by a team of experts, who have worked together for years, providing technical solutions, logistics, project management and administration.


We use the latest generation of broadcast technologies, and create tailor made solutions for each project. All of our work is customized to the type of production, location, transport needs and installation needs. All to guarantee a fast and efficient service.


Our team of professionals travels around the world; camera operators, sound engineers, crew managers, video mixers, control room operators, assembly workers and graphics, audio and video assistants, satellite technicians, all prepared and ready to go!

silverstone f1 circuit movistar
13 July 2017
F1 2017 - Rolex British Gran Prix from Silverstone
Directly from the other side of the Channel for the exiting F1 season. Videe's remote production stops in Silverstone. Live on Movistar TV thanks to our control on site. Don't...
Supervivientes 2017 - Cayo Cochinos
13 July 2017
Supervivientes 2017, here we are with the last live prime time from Honduras
Here comes the end of the adventure 2017.
western balkan summit videe ob van trieste
12 July 2017
2017 Western Balkan Summit in Trieste
Videe is at the forefront in the beating European heart today in Trieste for the 4th Western Balkan Summit.
Our values

We believe in the values of people and ideas. We believe in the strength of projects and the creativity that comes from working in a team.

We stay in touch
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