Videe was founded almost 30 years ago, by two restless souls, Bruno Mercuri and Paola Montanari. Bruno Mercuri is a trend setter and true visionary. His experience in the broadcast industry comes from a long career, first at RAI as a production manager, then as a writer, director and producer; Paola Montanari coordinates between our projects and our management. Over the years our team has grown, and it is now made up of nearly 100 professionals all over the world. We recognise the value of great experience, the desire to innovate, passion for our craft, and the joy of working together creatively and enthusiastically. These values allow our clients to have a flexible, prepared and bespoke team to meet any production demand.

Our values 

We believe in the value of people and ideas.
We believe in the strength of our projects and in creativity from teamwork.
We love challenges.
We love what we do.

What we do 

Everything, from the moment we set up the lighting to the moment the screen lights up. Because images are light.”
(Bruno Mercuri)

Our clients matter to us, so we provide support from the planning phase of a project through to its completion, by using innovative solutions and the latest technology.

Almost 30 years of experience in TELEVISION, TALENT and REALITY TELEVISION FORMATS: L'isola dei Famosi e Supervivientes (Honduras, Santo Domingo, Nicaragua), Super Shore (Spain), Pasaporte a La Isla (Spain), Gran Hermano (Spain), La Talpa (Mexico, South Africa), La Fattoria (Italy), La Granja (Spain), X Factor (Italy), Deja Sitio para El Postre (Spain), Hell’s Kitchen (Italy), Vaya Fauna (Spain), Killer Karaoke (Spain), Undressed (Spain), Wild West (USA), Pequenos Gigantes (Spain), Secret’s Life (Spain). .

LIVE SPORTS EVENTS: Serie A, Serie B, UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Formula 1, the Olympic Games, Moto GP.

CULTURAL AND CURRENT AFFAIRS EVENTS BROADCASTS: Venice International Film Festival, Expo 2015, Live Concerts, the Genoa G8 Summit, the Great Jubilee.

We produce content and projects of all kinds; documentaries, short films, TV series... and we are now producing our first film productions!

Our technicians are all experienced in their fields, and so they work to the highest standards, and their deep knowledge of production processes and equipment allow them to provide a totally personalised service.

How we work 

The starting point is to listen, for us to then be able to have a dialogue.
Constant communication with our clients is absolutely crucial for us to be able to come up with the perfect service to meet your demands.
Technology, time management, customer service, reliability and a professional workforce are the keys to guaranteeing success.

Our strengths:

  • Our ability to understand our clients’ needs and to help them identify the best way to meet their aims.
  • Sharing our know-how to personalise technical solutions and workflow to meet expectations perfectly.
  • Quick problem solving
  • Our ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously
  • Streamlined and efficient workflow
We stay in touch
Do you have a broadcast project? The Videe team will find the right solution for you!