Television filming, remote production, satellite transmissions and video streaming. Videe is able to look after every aspect of a broadcast project.

Our clients rely on us for filming and live broadcasting of major sports and current affairs events, recorded television programmes and successful formats such as talent and reality shows.

Our technical-organisational team combines technical skills, gained through over 30 years of experience in the broadcast industry, to be able to propose innovative solutions, to set up reliable filming sets and broadcast systems  which perform in any location, even the most remote. We are constantly working in Italy, Spain and Central America, and we have travelled the world operating in over 50 countries.

Television coverage services


Broadcast services around the world, for live or recorded filming of events, television programmes, using advanced broadcast production systems.

Live or recorded television filming services


Live broadcasting services, managing production remotely with respect to where the event is taking place, putting the available financial, time and human resources to best use.

Remote production services
Live Video streaming services


We can provide live and on demand video streaming, with content available on any device and platform: PC, tablets, smartphones and smart TVs.

Video streaming services


Conceptualising and creating customized graphics, both static and animated, for live television and sports events, using VizRT and AKI PAINT technology, allowing you to characterise your programme.

Custom broadcast graphics services
Custom broadcast graphics services
Post production services


Post production services for small and large broadcast projects, from corporate videos to reality shows; we deal with every aspect, from the soundtrack to video editing, to create a bespoke and unique product.

Post production services


Live filming for satellite broadcasting of major sports and cultural events and reality and talent show.

Live filming for satellite broadcasting services
Satellite transmission services

We are the ideal partner if you’re looking for a unique broadcast service provider thanks to our streamlined structure, high levels of professionalism, and organisational versatility.


We consider every aspect of every broadcast:
  • Preventative analysis and scouting
  • Planning and engineering
  • Design and project management
  • Setup and installation of broadcasting facilities
  • Technical training

The production equipment used by Videe is organised, put together and operated by the same team, guaranteeing the upmost reliability and flexible configurations to meet every need. As a result, our broadcast systems are perfect for television filming, live or recorded, in SD, HD and 4K using OB vans , Master Control Rooms and Flight Cases.


Reliable equipment, easy to transport and quick to install, comprising; cabled cameras, radio cameras, ENG camcorders, two-way radio bridges, live links between various production sets, multiview screens, communications and intercom, replay, slow and super slow motion systems, camera cranes, steadicams, audio/video stations for interviews and comment, lighting systems, aerial footage from drones and underwater filming.

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