Reliable solutions for signal transmissions, via satellite connections, RF links, IP-Sat or optical fibre, even from the most remote parts of the world.

Thanks to the know-how gained in our 30 years of work, and the experience of live di reality shows and major sports events, Videe can offer a prepared, flexible and carefully selected team to satisfy all your connection requirements.


We provide audio/video/data signal transmission services using:

  • Mobile HD SNG (Satellite News Gathering) Uplink in HD Flight Cases, which can be dismantled and transported by airplane
  • Full TES (Transportable Earth Station) HD systems to manage high and low frequencies
  • Connections between different TV sets and with remote TV studios, through bridges, RF, IP-Sat, fibre-optics etc

Broadcast system for satellite signal transmissionAudio/Video/Data signal transmission


We also provide:

  • Turn-around services
  • Satellite coverage map analysis, and identification of the most suitable satellite to/from the location
  • Booking satellite space in collaboration with major operators


The experience of our team, gained through years working on top quality television programmes around the world, is another added value, and guarantees a reliable partner to provide you with efficient and high quality broadcast solutions.

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