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OBXVIDEE - OB Van 4K HDR: the simple and efficient solution to every production’s need. Uncompromisingly.

To ease and make the capturing-producing-distributing HFR - UHFR live workflow more efficient we chose the Sony share play featuring the HDC-4300 and HDC-4800 HFR Global Shutter cameras and the PWS-4500 servers, which means: versatility, operability, maximum and in real time files sharing, continuous high quality and with cinematographic performance recording. As concerned to the audio domain, in Production Area 1 we chose Calrec’s most powerful mixer on the market: Artemis. It features 64 faders with 12 A/B Layers and it’s fully redundant to guarantee 100% reliability; in Production Area2, Brio36 – an intuitive, fully configurable, compact and flexible in use mixer. The intercom is Riedel, Artist-1024, the last evolutionary step in the Artist ecosystem, which is perfectly integrated with Bolero, a true game-changer in the wireless intercom world. The heart of OBX is the Imagine Platinum IP3 28 RU matrix. With OBX VIDEE- OB Van 4KHDR we are the ideal partner to provide Host Broadcasting services for all-round big events…and much more. The space is highly customized on specific needs: we can provide unilateral services and, in case of huge projects, a unique main control room on a 70m2 surface.