L'Isola Dei Famosi


Reality Show ‘L’isola dei Famosi 2016’.

Live shooting and and satellite connection for Mediaset Italia and Magnolia Italia.

Shooting in SD and HD for the live weekly shows, for the day-to-day segments and games, on site post production and intercontinental satellite transmissions in bands C and Ku.

  • Flycase production unit with cameras
  • Camera cranes
  • Polecams
  • RF steadicams
  • Audio recording
  • Camcorders, night-time cameras, remote cameras, underwater cameras, mini-cams
  • On-site post-production with ISIS 64TB, logging posts, ingest posts, editing posts
  • Intercontinental transmissions with uplink in flycase in 1+1, 2+1 modes
  • TVRO, optical fibre systems, IP bridges, COFDM bridges
  • Uplink in flycase in band C
  • Lighting systems, power generators
  • UPS
  • Back-up production unit
  • Drones for aerial shooting
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