Pasaporte a La Isla


Reality Show ‘Pasaporte a La Isla’. Live shooting and satellite connection for Mediaset Spain and Magnolia Spain.

In Honduras:

  • Shooting in SD with flycase production unit for the weekly live show, the day-to-day shooting and games
  • Camera cranes
  • Polecams
  • Underwater cameras, remote cameras, night-time cameras
  • Audio recording
  • flycase production unit with cameras, camcorders and audio recording for the games
  • Post-production:
  • ISIS 32TB
  • Logging posts
  • Editing posts


  • Intercontinental transmissions:
  • Uplink in flycase 1+1, optical fibre systems, IP bridges, digital bridges
  • Lighting systems, UPS, power generators
  • Drones for live aerial shooting
  • Connections across Honduras with uplink in flycase, cameras, audio recording, power generators

For the Madrid episode:

  • Shooting in HD with OB van
  • Cabled cameras, polecams, underwater camera, EVS
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